Our Culture

At Outfitters Stores, trust and transparency are our key drivers; where communication, reliability and regular engagement with our key stakeholders forms the foundation of our business value system. Our culture focuses on the following factors that encourage creativity and pursue progress and development in everyone’s minds:

Inform: Disclose information transparently and in a timely manner.

Communicate: Correspond comprehensively to provide a holistic approach.

Interact: Identify concerns through regular feedback and set priorities accordingly.

Collaborate: Encourage active collaborations with stakeholders.

Pro-act: Identify and address stakeholder concerns, before they escalate.

Involve: Ensure that each stakeholder feels a part of the company’s progress.

Our Mindset

The journey from Skill Development to Human Development is what we strive for through the encouragement of a creative and innovative mindset that ensures staying ahead of the curve in serving new needs and emerging segments.

The ethos of our enterprise inspires us to empower the next-generation of creative entrepreneurs. Our employees are our growth partners aligned with our purpose and shared goals. Outfitters Stores is committed to generating employment and professional development opportunities for fresh talent from diverse backgrounds and enabling them to realize their potential. To do so, we believe in consistent training, inter-department partnerships and continuous collaborative efforts to encourage growth and development.

The goal is to always pursue progress and development with everyone in mind, creating meaningful impact for our community as a whole.

Why Outfitters

From Contributions to Impact we are committed to providing inspiration and opportunity to all those who are part of the Outfitters Stores’ family to ensure collective growth and development. We do this not only through initiatives within the company that encourage employee enhancement, but also by creating an environment for continuous advancement and learning.

Outfitters Stores’ fosters a conducive environment for creative expression to flourish in, and generates opportunities for our employees to realize their potential and strengthen their skills. We encourage a performance-based mindset that focuses on ensuring a lasting impact for the employee as well as the company.

Besides safeguarding a positive and welcoming environment for each and every one of our employees, Outfitters Stores’ also ensures providing our people with some of the best employee benefits within the industry; these include:

  • Market leading remuneration packages.
  • Perk car or car allowance.
  • Medical.
  • Life insurance.
  • Fuel allowance.
  • Annual increments/bonus.
  • Provident fund.
  • Discount on outfitters stores’ products.
  • Pick and drop for female employees.
  • Shorter working hours (5 working days).

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